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The Ethiopian Wolf

The Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis), also known as the Abyssinian wolf or Simien fox is an african canid
native. The Ethiopian wolf is found at altitudes above 3,000 metres in the afro-alpine regions of Ethiopia. It is the most endangered carnivore of Africa and the rarest canid of the wolrd with only about seven populations remaining, totalling less than adults. The largest population is found in southern Ethiopia (Bale Mountains), although there are also smaller populations in the north of the country, and in a few other areas. Claudio Sillero at the University of Oxford is the biologist most closely associated with efforts to save this species of wolf, particularly with his work for an oral rabbies vaccine to protect them from the disease passed from local dogs. His work is supported by the Born Free Foundation. A rabies outbreak in 1990 reduced the largest known population, found in the Bale Mountains National Park from about 440 wolves to less than 160 in only two weeks. You can find others relevant informations in EWCP (Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Programme) website.