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HERE you can watch the movie I did for WWF Short Film International Contest (it's all about conservation and animals who are in danger of extinction).

This short movie made for WWF has as objective to raise awareness on the species' fast extinction, a priceless loss for our planet.
Nature in Ethiopia is very threatened, as in many places in the world. For exemple, the Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis) you can see in this movie is the most endangered canid in the world and the rarest carnivore in Africa.
Nyala Productions («Media for the protection of wildlife») is committed to contribute to its conservation, and at the same time help local communities improve their livelihoods by producing a documentary film, «A Wolf for Ethiopia» which will be produced in 2012 in the Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia. 
The objective of Thierry Grobet (through Nyala Productions) is to attract higher numbers of visitors in poorly protected areas of the world, thanks to photographs, films and articles, in order to allow for alternative income generating activities such as ecotourism for the local communities, therefore creating an incentive for them to protect their environment and wildlife. Click on the "like" button if you liked this video.
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